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1. Create your account with my guys at TeamUp and then register for your desired class from the timetable

2. After registering for a class you will receive an email from TeamUp with a ZOOM meeting invitation link

3. Roll out your mat, grab some water and position your laptop/iPad/mobile phone about 6ft away

4. Using the emailed link, join the class - with your heating on:

(see my 'Hot Tips' for heating your home)

5. Begin your practice with real time feedback

6. Each class is recorded so that you can then access it for up to one week!

* To make booking into classes much more convenient, you can download the TeamUp app to your phone



Online students are generally able to practice more regularly at home than in a studio,

 'Repetition is the key to improvement'

Recommendations for online classes:

Find a distraction free environment - but also don't worry too much if your child/puppy/housemate is in the background and/or joining in - all welcome!

Turn your camera on if you can (optional)

Keep your speakers on (we may play music during some classes)

Click on Gallery View to see other students before class

During Class you may be 'highlighted' on Zoom by the teacher so she can get a closer understanding of your posture but also so that other students may notice something great for them to learn from too!

The teacher will put you on Mute & Speaker View when you start your practice