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Naomi Clark Yoga - Online Yoga Classes:

1. Register your details & book into class

2. On Saturday morning, open the ZOOM link in your confirmation email 

3. Roll out your mat, turn on your heating (hot tips here), grab some water, practice yoga with Naomi & feel amazing! 

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Naomi Clark
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Nighean - Naomi Clark Yoga

Nighean, London

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"I get so much out of Naomi's class. What I love is that it's so different from what I teach and that it's just for me. Naomi is ACE!"

Keith - Naomi Clark Yoga

Keith, Eastbourne

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"I'm 61 now and I've never felt so healthy as I do in your class... And I've never laughed so much either!"

Jenny - Naomi Clark Yoga

Jenny, Oxford

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"I can practice much more often at home than in a studio - I've lost weight and feel so much happier!"

 Glenn - Naomi Clark Yoga

Glenn, France

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"I'm so impressed at the level of detail and corrections you're able to give... My practice is benefiting more... Like yoga in high definition!"

Sue - Naomi Clark Yoga

Sue, Lancashire

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"My third different online yoga class - Naomi’s was just above and beyond the first two I personable and very professional"

Chris - Naomi Clark Yoga

Chris, Eastbourne

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"I’m so glad I signed up at the beginning of the year. I’m not sure what I’d do without it... Everything hurt - but felt so much better for having done it!"

Harriet - Naomi Clark Yoga

Harriet, London

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"You are my favourite teacher... And doing your karma class filled me with so much joy during the dark days of isolation"

Sam - Naomi Clark Yoga

Sam, Brighton

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"Being a chef my shoulders and back have taken a beating over the years. The improvements after only a few classes are noticeable.Thanks Naomi for introducing me to this practice"

Araba - Naomi Clark Yoga

Araba, Ghana

Naomi Clark Yoga 5 Star Review

"Naomi’s class was the first one I attended back in London in 2012. Now I am a yoga teacher myself living in Ghana. I decided to look her up again and do her class online - and it’s so wonderful to practice with her again!"

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