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The OG Hot Yoga Certification

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the BEST Yoga Teacher you ever met, being certified, insured and FINALLY living the yoga life you dream of so that you can make money by sharing the benefits of the 26/2 HOT YOGA  you love, changing lives, yours too! 

Imagine the delight of standing in front of your full class of expectant sweaty students  - happy because you KNOW you’re about to share the most powerful yoga on the planet! 


The OG Hot Yoga Certification is a 16 Week Online Live Group course led by Naomi Clark for those who want to benefit from her 25 year teaching experience and QUICKLY and CONFIDENTLY teach 26/2 60 or 90 minute Hot Yoga Online or In-Studio class from the comfort and convenience of their own home in their own time.


Endorsed by the Yoga Alliance, this 200 Hour Foundation Course is an exciting new way of learning, delivered through gamification so you KNOW you will be successful!  


We already have our first cohort of OG Hot Yogi Warrior 'Teachers-In-Waiting' - however, if you’re interested in training personally with Naomi to become the BEST Hot Yoga Teacher you can be, drop me a line...

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